Faucet Light Customer Stories

Customer Stories on the Unbelievable Faucet Lights.

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Wow what a great Christmas gift we received.  This baby hooked up in seconds and we had the kids playing with the Faucet light for hours.   Everyone who comes to our house says were can we get one!!!

Thanks for the great item



My Husband who is a neat freak loved the faucet light.  Our little girl Kylie would ocassionially forget to wash her hands  in the bathroom and he would go bonkers.  We now she loves to turn off the light in the room just to wash her hands and sometimes stays in there a little to long.  Hopefully she doesnt get like her dad!!!.

Thank you  much for the faucet light it Rocks!! Ps are you going to be offering any free shipping specials?

Linda Texas


The Faucet Light was a wonderful gift I received as a gift at the office.  This is actually one great gadget for the geek in all of us.  The best part was it came with extra batteries. ( thanks to the aliens read teh story)  Everyone who comes over says hey where did you get that and i direct them to your site.  Thanks for making may day