BLUE Faucet Light

The Faucet Light, Oh Yea.  We have got the greatest gizmo since the Roomba.  Maybe even better as you don't have to turn this one on. 

 The Faucet light makes a great addition to any sink and is simple to install.  Emitting a cool ghastly blue glow that will freak out any visitor once they turn your water on activating the unit.  

The faucet light even comes with extra batteries.  IT is only activated when you turn on the water and will encourage your children ( and adults) to get them hands clean.  

We could not believe it the first time we put one of these on our bathroom sink.  It took about 1 minute and that was it and the faucet light was installed.

We are sure that you will be thrilled by the purchase of your faucet light.   The simplicity of design makes this unit a breeze to install.  No tools needed. 

The faucet lights will work with most sinks.  See what customers have to say about this.