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Other Glowing Gadgets

Ok we know you love cool techy things that glow.... Well at least we hope you do as we sure do.  Check out our other glowing toys and gizmoes @  Glowing Items  @ the science Toy Store.

There are some amazing items such as the glow brick by SukUK and levitrons. 
Prepared to be amazed with some of these great items 

You must use the link above to the Science Toy Store to purchase any of these items unique science gadgets 



 Kikkerland Rainbowmaker creates real rainbows using Natural solar energy

Harness the power of the sun and watch as rainbows scatter around your room or office with stunning design . Is it a toy?   They say so,  we say the rainbowmaker is art.
Kikkerland Rainbow maker


 The Bran new Face Bank.  Feed his mouth and he gobbles up all of your money.  The face back has no problem storing your Cash for that rainy day.  Insert coins into his mouth and he eats the $$

A truly unique bank.  Kids will love this as a gift.