Oh shower light how you light up my lift and bathroom.... Hmmm and my body as well with your led rays.

Shower light is now in stock

Yes it has been released.  The new combo Shower light is a hit throughout the world.


  1. Simple installation takes minutes  typically just twisting your old showerhead off!!!
  2. Red and Blue leds
  3. Internal Turbine means no batteries ever to replace
  4. Looks Fresh ( the boss told us not to use that word as it is out dated but we love the the word.  Lets hope he doesnt proof read this one!!)
  5. The shower light is eco friendly so your green friends will not be yelling @ ya.   Heres what ya could do but is not a but be careful as i fell out of the tub when my shower light went out forgetting i would have no light afterwards ( just kidding but a cuation it could happen).  Since i like to keep my mark as low on the enviroment as possible I turn off my regular light in thebathroom when taking my shower   Saving electricity is a great thing!!.

You can get this on sale sometime with free shipping @ http://www.sciencetoystore.com/